The kit – aircraft specs:


Landing GearElectric retractable/fixed (RG/FG)
Engine80 HP Jabiru 2200
Propeller2 blade VProp
2-blade Sensenich propeller


Empty Weight550 lb approx.
Fuel Capacity19 US gal.
Gross Weight (Aerobatic category)880 lb.
Gross Weight (Normal category)910 lb.
Wing Loading at 910 lb.9.6 lb/ft²
Useful Load (Aerobatic/Normal)330/ 360 lb.
Load Factor at 880 lb.
Load Factor at 910 lb.

Performance based on Sea level Conditions

Maximum Speed (Vne)162 kts/ 186 mph
Maximum Speed (Vne with BRS)150 kts/ 172 mph
Maximum Cruise Speed (Vh)148 kts/ 167 mph
Economy Cruise Speed at 2800 RPM121 kts/ 136 mph
Fuel Consumption at 2800 RPM3.4 gph
Stall Speed with Flaps 30 deg. (Vsf)43 kts/ 49 mph
47 kts/ 54 mph
Maximum Flap Speed (Vfe)70 kts/ 81 mph
Maneuvering Speed (Va)113 kts/ 130 mph
Rate of Climb at Gross Wt. (910 lb.)1275 ft/min
Range (approximate)700 nm


Wing Span24.6 ft
Wing Area93.83 ft²
Horizontal Stabilizer Span9.24 ft
Elevator Span9.18 ft
Elevator Area17.76 ft²
Fuselage Length20.27 ft

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